Comet Windscreen Project
last edit Feb 23, 2014
Daily rider Comet on lunch run.
Temperatures cold but not freezing.
Frozen creek looked very cold.
Rider was very cold after 70 miles.

A decision was made that adding a windscreen to the daily Comet rider would encourage more cold day rides.
Avon handlebar long snout fairings were sought, along with other period type fairings, but it was decided
that a D series Vincent fairing would be best if most of the pieces to make authentic or realistic could be found.
This "D look" goal mainly consisted of SL1 cowl, SL26 windscreen, SL5 hand muffs.
So after reading Bickerstaffs Original Vincent, purchasing a D parts list, I was off to VOC forum
and a post was made requesting D fiberglass parts. Luckily Dick Sherwin and Calle Sjoblom responded and
long story short I had the two pieces required to start this project.
I was lucky and found a complete new Lucas F700 on eBay UK, and a new windscreen from VOC spares.
I thought this was going to be easy!